Equipments & Spirit Infusion

Equipments & Spirit Infusion
Spirit Infusion (SI) allows your equipment to be combined with other items in order to create an equipment that contains two-three effects from the individual gear. It is encouraged for Synthers to take advantage of this as you can gain more stats for both you and your demon. So how does SI work?

Well first you need at least two pieces of equipment of the same Type (max of three pieces). So you must use 1-handed Sword with another 1-handed Sword to make a combined 1-handed Sword. You CANNOT use Primitive Weapon with a Thrusting Sword or a Male item with a Female item. The same goes for Clothes: Male Top with Male Top, Female Shoes with Female Shoes, Ring with Ring, etc.

Then you need to find a SI-er or you can make your own SI-er.

How to determine which goes where? Every gear has certain effects on them that makes that gear important. If you SI it wrong, you CANNOT un-fuse them. Once they are fused, it is permanent. You cannot separate the gear to make it become two original pieces but you can SI over an existing SI-ed item.

Don’t get it? Try this analogy. Think of it like you are making an Apple Pie, you can mix and bake the apples (item #1) with the dough (item #2) to create an Apple Pie (final item) but you cannot take an Apple Pie to make an Apple or dough again. But you can put ice cream on it to make it better (final item + item #3 = new item). I don’t know if that helps or maybe it’s even more gibberish. @-@

WARNING: A failed SI item means that you have a limited time period to re-SI it again before the item breaks/disappears. So it’s highly suggested to grab a 100% SI-er if possible. (Max % of SI-ers atm: 100% on AP items and 94% on non-AP items)


  • Gear Description
  • Set bonuses if available. (ex. Motley Set: If all 4 pieces are worn: Party gains +10 to stats)
  • Name & Appearance of the Gear
  • Durability
  • Repair Cost
  • COMP Stock

SLOT TWO (Green)

  • Basic Features – Weapon: Close-range, Long-Range, Spell Damage, Support, Critical, # of Slots, Modifications in Slots, Cooldown, Cast time, General/Elemental Boost, Resistances, Stat (+STR/MAG/SPD/INT/VIT/LCK), Macca/Mag Gain, etc.
  • Basic Features – Equipment: Close-range, Long-range, Magic Damage, Physical/Magical Defense, Critical, Critical Block, Stat (+STR/MAG/SPD/INT/VIT/LCK), etc.
  • Enchant Info: Existing Tarot & Soul Stone Fusions
  • LNC & Gender restrictions if available
  • Type of Equipment


  • Characteristics



The only things that are non-SIable are Extras, Tailsman and non-tradeable items.

Speed Wings should not be SIed as the +50% speed does not carry over. (Need to double check if it’s even SIable)

How do I know what to SI?
Please refer to the List of Equipments to take a look at which gears you would need to look for and fuse.

Example #1:
Item 1: Asagutsu of the Gods
Item 2: Cheering Clogs

Slot 1: Asagutsu
Slot 2: Asagutsu
Slot 3: Cheering Clogs

You get the durability from slot 1 of the Asagutsu of the Gods along with the basic stats & Tarot/Soul Stone Fusion (slot 2). You loose the Characteristics of Asagutsu but instead you gain the Cheering Clog’s effects. But the Cheering Clogs looses it’s appearance/name and it’s stats (clsr/lngr/spell +5%). Which gives you the item above.

Example #2:

Item 1: Baptism Knuckle
Item 2: Type M: Neuron
Item 3: Type S: False

Slot 1: Baptism Knuckle
– To gain the animation of the knuckles when summoning a demon
Slot 2: Type M: Neuron
– To gain the basic characteristics of +500% MP/HP Regeneration
Slot 3: Type S: False
– To gain the characteristics of +100% Obtained XP to Summoned Demon, +30% Curative effects to Summoned Demon, +30% close-range, long-range and spell damage to summoned demon and +5 INT, VIT, LUC to summoned demon

Your new SIed Item will look like the Knuckle COMP that gives you MP/HP Regen and the additional DMG/CURE/STAT/XP to your demon partner.

This way you don’t have to keep switching gears depending on situation and you can have more inventory space.

Last updated: June 27th, 2011



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