Crystal, Tarot & Soulstones

Crystal, Soul Stone & Tarot


Demon Crystal Effects
(Tarot & Soul Stones)
Relic Recipes & Special Fusion Rosaries Recipes

How to Synth (Self)

To use the skill, simply double click the desired skill icon and the synth menu will appear.

If Crystallizing: Have your demon summoned with Open Hearts or higher friendship, then double click the crystallization skill icon and select the corresponding gem that is located in your inventory. Your percentage will appear. Proceed to click “OK” to crystallize. Repeat until success or until demon friendship drops to Trusting or gem supply diminished.

If Taroting/Soul Stoning: Have the equipment unequipped in your inventory along with the crystal you wish to fuse. Select the Tarot/Soul Stone skill icon and double click it to activate. First select the crystal you wish to fuse, this will black out unusable options, then select the gear you wish to fuse. Depending on the percentage, you may wish to use a Mirror of Moonlight to boost the percentage closer to 100%.

Then click “EXECUTE” in the center and your item will be fused.

How to Assist

To Assist in Synthing, you must invite the player to your party. You cannot synth for someone who is not in your party. Then click on the skill icon (2) and click on to the player’s name (1) on the left-hand side (varies if your window is rearranged).

Your Synthee will see a request for Assistance. They will accept the request or decline if they are done with synthing.

To the Synthee, before accepting the request, remember to unequipe your gear or weapon if you are taroting or soul stoning. Equipment items will not be highlighted for selection. You must also make sure you have the gem or crystal in your inventory and that you have at least one space per crystal in your inventory when crystalizing. Otherwise the Synther cannot send a request to you. This is very important!

The Synthee will choose the demon/crystal and then select the gem/gear that corresponds with the demon/crystal. If doing a tarot or soul stone fusion, you can select the Mirror of Moonlight to increase the percentage. If you decide not to use the Mirror, simply drag and drop outside of the synth panel and it will be removed.

To tip the Synther, drag and drop the item/macca into the panel. Tipping is encouraged as it shows the synther your appreciation (just like tipping your waiter at a restaurant) but it is optional and not a requirement. It’s a nice and friendly gesture. :)

Once they received the request, the player must click “OK” at the bottom of the screen.
The Synther will continue to synth by clicking the “EXECUTE” that is now highlighted purple.

BAM! Poor little Zhen is gone and got shoved into a crystal. :( We’re such a murderous class… whoopsies!

NOTE: It’s simple and scam-free. If a synther asks you to trade for the gear so that they can synth it, please refuse immediately. A Synther will NEVER ask you to trade any gears or crystal in order to proceed with synthing. Chances are, they might be scamming you, so if you decide to trade, please do so at your own discretion.

Thank you Mallardy for the wonderful assistance in helping me screenshot the synthee side of the procedure. Love his blue afro! >:3

[EDIT – 7-19-11] Fixed Assist diagram #1 & #2



2 thoughts on “Crystal, Tarot & Soulstones

  1. This is probably a really stupid question, but once you’ve taroted or ss’d something, is it possible to overwrite it with another soul stone?

    Posted by R | July 19, 2011, 5:24 AM
    • Yes you can. There is no limit as to how many times a gear can have their stones overwritten (by tarot or soul stone) but you cannot remove stones already fused in order to make the gear clean again.

      Hope that helps answer your question ^^ No questions are stupid, you may have helped another player just for asking this. :) Thank you for asking and take care.

      Posted by serapanthura | July 19, 2011, 1:21 PM

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