Enhancer Hybrid

Most Synthers started out as Enhancers in order to level up to 90 (to max available expertise points as you gain 1000pt per 10 levels til maximum of 26000pts) as soon as possible where they won’t need to reset their stats when resetting their expertise. It’s also time effective and cost effective as you will running as part of a party instead of sponsoring for runs all the time. Remember for your stats (Located under PC > Status Equipment in game menu) to max your INT first then your LUCK. Do not put points into any other stats otherwise you will have to use a Hourglass to reset your points if you are aiming for pure Synthesis.

Unlocking Enhancement Chain Expertise
To unlock the expertise you need to have a minimum amount of points in certain areas of expertise.

Expertise Class Minimum Class to unlock Chain % gained towards Enhancement Chain Expertise
Support Magic Class 2 40%
Bless Class 1 30%
Curative Magic Class 2 30%

Class 1 Bless is obtainable via St. Germain: Albertus’ Oratorio Quest. You will need to bring him

Class 2.5 Enhancer
This will unlock the basic enhancements for most dungeon runs; Pulse of Solid, Pulse of Assault, Pulsed of Armor (sa) and Divine Heal. More info @ Wiki

Support Magic Class 4
Bless Class 1
Curative Magic Class 2
Total Expertise Used 7000 points
# of Lethe Bottles needed 7

Class 5 Enhancer
This will unlock the the entire enhancement which is recommended to participate in most dungeon runs & summon runs. You’ll have the ability to shield from physical and magical attacks, pulse, super armor, AoE heal and decrease cast time for one move (clock out). A class 6.5+ curative is recommended to help heal your party members from any status ailments. More info @ Wiki

Support Magic Class 5
Bless Class 3
Curative Magic Class 7
Total Expertise Used 15000 points
# of Lethe Bottles needed 15

Please remember to Lethe after you hit level 90+.

Resources: Megaten EN Wiki



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