Basic of Synthing

Basics of Synthing

Notice: If being a Synther is the first class you plan to build, I would highly suggest you reconsider for a healer/enhancer class and then switching over. Synthers are a crafter class, they specialize in fusing demon souls into player’s gear and are not meant to be a damage dealing class. Their skills allows players to assist another player without having to trade gear from another player. If a synther ever ask to trade an item to them, please refrain from doing so as it may be a scam.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to have high stats:
Primary Stats: Intelligence
Secondary Stats: Luck

The higher stats you have the higher percent you will achieve. It’s recommended to pour all your points in to INT at first because a) Soul Stone has the highest consequences (see formula in Soul Stone Section) and b) LCK will become less effective aside from Crystallization as you level your and rebirth your Earth Mother (Tarot is easiest to hit 100%). Once you hit level 93, you will already have enough points for max INT & LCK and the rest will be determine by your gear, self-boost and party boost.

Expertise, Training & Quest
Recommended to use Incense of Mastery with EXP gaining gear (Scattering Pollen, Sword of Etude, Ruler set (M), etc.)

Synthesis is a Chain Expertise that is unlocked when you unlock Occultism Class 1. The higher your class, the better your percentage in fusion will be. Pure synthers will try to achieve the maximum Synth class (atm is Class 6.2 @ 2600 expertise points) while Hybrid Synthers (usually with Enhancement) will obtain a class or two less (Class 5 Enhancer would obtain max of c4.4 Synth @ 2600 exp pts).
Class 0 – 1 can be obtain via Quest: Hohenheim’s Embyro in Shinjuku Babel. You will need either 30 Soul Shards or Azoth Sword in order to complete this quest. Class 1 Occultism will allow you to unlock the Chain Expertise: Synthesis and your first two skill – Tarot Fusion & Crystalization.

To raise this skill, simply find ap items that are cheap and repeatedly Tarot fusion with Tarot Card: The Fool (can be bought from St. Germain in Babel).

Each Class you gain, you will gain +1 Intelligence.
Can only be raised with Synthesis skills.
Max Expertise: Class 6
Recommended Class: Class 6

It is recommended to max this out, as this is the easiest to raise expertise in. You will need to unlock up to Class 2 of Talk and then Letheing the skill after you’ve maxed this chain. It is recommended to do this as one of your first expertise to grind as you will need the 2000 exp points later on.

As you class goes up, your success in negotiating/befriending demons, double fusion rates and experience gained for certain demon groups.
Can only be raised with Magic Stone and Jewel skills by befriending demons.
Max Expertise: Class 6
Recommended Class: Class 6

It is recommended to max this out to class 5. It is (debatable) the hardest expertise to grind and achieving class 5 is sufficient.

To raise this skill, simply find ap items that are cheap and repeatedly Tarot fusion with Tarot Card: The Fool (can be bought from St. Germain in Babel).

According to the description it is use for Ore Collecting, but at the moment it has no use in the game aside from raising Synthesis.
Can only be raised with Synthesis skills.
Max Expertise: Class 10
Recommended Class: Class 5

Weapon Knowledge
Easy to do. You can spam spin and rush on the Oberon and High Pixies in the Home 3 Hack Run as the High Pixies spawns infinitely and will heal the Oberon. OR you can train in the Virtual Battle training room (Will O’wisp, Slimes or Gakis) in Snakeman’s room in Home 3.

Each Class you gain, your close-range damage will increase.
Can only be raised with Synthesis, Rush or Spin skills.
Max Expertise: Class 9
Recommended Class: Class 9

The recommended class is (in my opnion) the fastest & easiest way to grind to Class 6.2 Synthesis. It is not required, you may change expertise around if desired. This is strictly from my personal experience when grinding.

Class 0 Rank 4: Tarot Fusion

  • Tarot Formula = int/10 + luck/5 + synthesis rank – (10*Difficulty) + 20 (if AP) + Demon Feature + 10 (if item already has the same crystal soul stone enchanted) + mirror

Tarot Fusion is the easiest to achieve to 100%. Equipment must be unequipped in order to be selected for the fusion.

If Failed: Durability -5; crystal/tarot will not be loss.

Class 1 Rank 0: Crystallize Demon

  • Crystallization Formula = int/10 + luck/10 + synthesis rank/2 – (20*Difficulty) + (friendship-10000)/100 + 15 (if Philosopher’s Stone)

You can crystallize a demon if the demon has:

  1. Open Hearts or Link by Fate friendship
  2. Not been rebirthed
  3. Not been locked
  4. Been Summoned. Demons inside your COMP cannot be crystallized.

If succeeded, your demon will become a crystal that can be used for Tarot or Soul Stone Fusion later on and your gem will disappear. The demon race must correspond with the correct gem in order for crystallization. The hardest to achieve 100%.

If Failed: Demon’s friendship will lower by a certain amount. If dropped below Trusted, your demon will no longer be able to allow crystallization. Your gem will also disappear.

Class 2 Rank 0: Soul Stone Fusion

  • Soul Stone Fusion = int/5 + luck/10 + synthesis rank/2 – (15*Difficulty) + 20 (if AP) + Demon Feature + 10 (if item already has the same crystal tarot enchanted) + mirror

You must have the correct corresponding Crystal to the gear and the gear must be unequipped. If it indicates [Bottom] that means it can only be fused on to the Pants/Bottom and no other type of gear. This is the restriction but the effects are much greater than Tarot effects as well as certain combination gives Set Bonuses.

If Failed: you will loose your crystal and loose 10 durability on your gear. It is highly recommended to use a mirror for this type of fusion.


  • During the Moon Phase: Full moon your base percentage *1.2
  • Difficulty refers to Demon Difficulty. Please see link for more details.
  • Demon Feature refers to your demon partner if Artemis: (Luck+Int)/10; If Earth Mother: (Luck+Int)/20
  • Mirrors refers to Mirrors of Moonlight. Please see link for more details.

AP: AP simply refers to AP items that are won through events, Fortune Cards, Mystery Boxes, Item Mall, etc. (mainly things you used to buy with real money). Items that are found through in-game quests are usually non-AP item and thus has a lower % outcome when fusing.

Demon Features

Earth Mothers comes with the features “Moon Goddess” which allows an extra boost for using any Synthess skills when the demon is summoned. It’s usually recommended to use an Artemis mainly because she gives the highest boost: Artemis (Luck+Int)/10 compared to other Earth Mothers: (Luck+Int)/20. The higher your demon stats are, the better your percentage output will be. Having your Earth Mother Demon at Link by Fate (demon friendship) will give them stat bonus. Please refer to Demon Rebirth page to obtain the highest possible stats for your demon.

Lucky Demons gives a +10 LCK to you when you have them summoned. It’s an extra 1% when crystallizing for your Synthee/Client. It’s recommended to switch with the Mother Earth demon when crystallizing and tarot/soul stoning because every percent is important!

Alignment Advantages:
Depending on your alignment, their are certain soul stones that available for certain boost.

Chaos: Cheaper Magnetite cost when summon your Earth Mother demon.

Neutral: Lilith Soul stone: +1 INT +1 MAG Nulls Charm & Sleep & “Whisper of Temptation” Skill (Equivalent to Class 2 Talk; great for catching demons)

Law: Raphael Soul stone: +5 LCK to yourself and +2 LCK to party

Quick Links:

Source: Expanded Synthesis Guide

[EDIT- 12.23.12] Fixed Chaos alignment now that Magnetite are affordable.
[EDIT – 07.11.11] – fixed WK.



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