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Credits & Resource

Credits and Resources
This site would not be able to compile the information it has today without the help of the following sites:

Aeria Games Megaten Wiki

All information belongs to Aeria Games Altus Online and Cave as according to ToS. This is a compilation site for easier access. Some contents here are from the Megaten Wiki which is run by Sesshou and their Game Sages & Contributors.

Expanded Synthesis Guide
by Just_Here2 (Link No longer exists)

Contains almost everything about Synthing that I’ve used for the longest time. Excellent information, down to the very detail and calculations of synthing. A very well built guide.
Believe to be last updated: November 5, 2009

Special Fusion Items (incomplete)
by Indicative (Link No longer exists)

Another compilation of special fusions. Mainly in text form but neatly organized.
Last updated: November 19, 2009

GKWiki (Japanese Megaten Wiki)
by Megaten Online: Imagine team on the JPN server
Note: The Wiki has been taken down for months now. I have left the link up in HOPES that it’ll return like it did one time.

The Japanese wiki to our International game. Some charts and calculations are from this site.
Last updated: n/a

Synth-Fusion Tool (known as Demon Crystal Tool) V2.0 Beta
by Mandylive (Link No longer exists)

Beautifully done executable program containing everything from crystal effects to special fusion. WIN compatible only.
Last updated: April 9, 2011

Synthesis Equipment
by Royce

Great compilation of fusions that are implemented and those that will be implemented in the future. Easy and simple to use. Listed by Weapon type.
Last updated: Summer of 2010

Wandering Muse: R2 (Indicative’s Crystal List)
by Indicative

Arranged by Soulstone for Gear types, it contains all the information for most demon crystals as well as Soulstone Set bonuses. You can also find the minimum level requirements for each stone what you fuse them so that you won’t get off-guard when your equipment can no longer be equipped. A very reliable site.
Believe to be last updated: December 2010

All Images found on this site are screenshotted by me unless stated. None of the images found on this site was taken from another source. All images are used with permission and credits are placed where it is due. Please be patient as I slowly collect and screenshot each piece of item/demon and input them on the site. Any icon/image donation will be appreciated and will speed up the process, please make sure they are screenshot by you and your IGN is included. Thankies!

I would also like to thank all my friends for their various help: Haburi, Richy, Uni, Zetor, Mallardy and Tifa. I also like to thank [GS] Downbook for all his help on how to write this site and his knowledge on the ToS and [GS] Loveableneko for helping me get exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you all! I hope this site will be useful for the many players that are out there. ^-^

If there is any problems with the information provided on this site, please let me know ASAP and I will fix it. Thanks!

[EDIT – 12.27.12] – Sadly, many links to many GREAT guides have been removed as they were not migrated to AO.
[EDIT – 10.21.11] Edited Description. Changed ENG to International.



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