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About the Site

Welcome to Extinction of Mirrors, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to create a synther along with answering any synthing questions when assisting in the MMO game, Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online (Megaten Online for short).

Updates will contain any information regarding item release that is synth related, theories/experiments and/or updates on pages (if significant) regarding to both the Japanese and International Server (SMT: Imagine Online). This is a player run site and is not associated with Atlus Online or Cave. This site is merely a compilation of information that is scattered all across the web, created for easier access. I do not claim any information on this site as they belong to Cave & Atlus Online.

My goal for this site is to provide information that is fast and easy to access to the information for the synthing community without the annoyance of searching through 15+ threads and sites to find one thing (which was my good year and a half of synthing flipping through tabs lol)

What’s up with the name? Because naming it as another “Synther Site” is soooo boring D: And uhhh… because my personal goal is to eliminate the usage of Mirrors when Synthing with me.

All Testing is from my two synthers: class 6.2 and class 4.4. If for some reason your percentages are giving a different calculation than the one I provided, please screenshot before and after and let me know via Atlus Online Forum: AyumiNemoto. They should be set % but since there isn’t any website or wiki giving exact %, it has all come from personal testing (ex. Mirror of Moonlinght).

ARRGGHHHH DA PINK! x-o “Because it’s Gay, Sera must have it!” my infamous quote that all my friends and clannies knows. Because, pink is fluffy and win. ^-^V

Dedicated to all the great Synthers out there who have experimented and dedicated in obtaining the best percentage and details in order to help everyone in the community. But personally, this site is dedicated to Haburi for all his support & help,  xXSniperwolfXx for all the fun non-stop synth conversation we always have, and a special thanks to Downbook for helping me out with some detailed calculations.

To Summon me from the Dead, you can reply to the topic of each post that you have a question for, via Atlus Online: AyumiNemoto (PM please), or pm me in-game, SeraPanthura or AnuraPlava. I’m usually not online in-game since I’m always on the move in real life. But I do check my inbox as much as possible. Feel free to contact me for any questions or requests.



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